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The Imperishable Seed - May 4, 2014

I Peter 1:17-23

Perhaps you have heard the story about the woman who always cut off the end of the ham before baking it. One day her husband asked, "Why do you cut off the end of the ham?" She stopped and considered his question. "I don't know. I suppose because that's what my mother always did." She called her mother, "Why do you cut off the end of the ham?" "That's just what my mother did," she answered. She went to the nursing home. "Mom, why did you always cut off the end of the ham?" "Because the pan was too small," Grandma answered.
"We've always done it that way," has been said so often that it has become a cliché. The truth is that what made sense at one time changes over the years. Very often we forget the original reason and cling to the tradition. Finally, even a time honored practice can become futile.

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Fellow Aliens - April 27, 2014

I Peter 1:3-9

Say the word alien and I think first of little green people with pointy things sticking out of their heads who come from outer space.
Say the word alien and I may instead think of people who have come to this country from other lands. Many do so legally, with all the proper documentation. Much attention is paid to those few who come without documentation. We continue to debate what to do about immigration reform. There are no easy answers.
I do not see any little green people here today. I am confident that those of you who have come here from other countries have done so legally. It is hard enough to swim a river. I can't imagine swimming an ocean.

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Why Are You A Weeping? - April 20, 2014

John 20:1-18

"Mary, Mary, why are you weeping? Mary, Mary, you do you cry?" the choir sang to us a moment ago. It was the angel's question to Mary Magdalene when she at last summoned up the courage to look into Jesus' tomb. "Woman, why are you weeping?"
At one level the answer seems obvious. Mary had gone to the tomb as soon as she could. Joseph of Arimathea had placed Jesus there just as the Sabbath was about to begin. As a faithful Jew, Mary could not defile herself by coming in contact with death over the holy day, even holier than usual because it was the Passover. Nor could she do any work, such as walking any distance. Most likely Mary had sat at home with her tears over the Sabbath.

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The Sacrament of Foot Washing - April 17, 2014

John 13:1-17, 31-35

We gather tonight to celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion, that little meal Jesus said to do in remembrance of him. It is one thing that binds us together as Christians across our denominational differences. Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, or Disciple, we have this in common. I find it meaningful to share it together once a year.
It would be more difficult to share a common baptism. Not only is that a onetime sacrament, there our customs are more different from each other. Some of us sprinkle and some of us immerse. Finding common ground –er, water – is a little harder.
Still, all four of the denominations represented here tonight recognize those two sacraments: baptism and Holy Communion, as do most other Protestant Christians. We base them on the life of Jesus as recorded in the synoptic gospels – Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Jesus was baptized and Jesus instituted Holy Communion/ Eucharist/the Lord's Supper – by whatever name you call it.

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Washing Our Hands - April 13, 2014

Matthew 27:11-26

"I wash my hands of the whole thing. I'm done, this is someone else's problem now."
I don't suppose many of us literally wash our hands before others to demonstrate our ceding of control and responsibility. More likely we mutter it to ourselves as we walk away. Maybe it is after a frustrating meeting at work with a team who consistently fail to come to a decision or carry through on responsibilities they have promised to do. "Fine! I give up. I'm done with this project: I wash my hands of it," we might say.
Or maybe it is after agonizing hours spent trying to coach and coax your child to get her homework done. You'd pled, you've urged, you've taught, you've scolded --- and the science fair project is a jumbled mess on the floor, the English paper a blank page, and you finally throw up your hands in despair, saying, "I wash my hands of you. If you flunk it's your problem."

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