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Major Screw Up - March 17, 2019

2 Samuel 11 This is another one of those texts that makes you cringe. It’s not a bright spot in our history. And it’s certainly more than a blemish. David, the king of kings, the prize child of Israel for the ways he’s elevated…think about it…how many kings of Israel can you name? Probably not many. For many of us…only David. He’s kind of special in the history of the Bible. But, even though most of us know him by name, it’s not likely we’ve spent much time on this story. Not that it’s hidden, just that his fame supersedes his failures, which in and of itself, tells you something.
David is honored and revered as king. He has a palace, gardens, armies, servants, riches, and 6 wives to call his own. Yes, polygamy was still a legitimate thing in his day. And despite all that—or maybe he grew entitled

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Claim It! - March 10, 2019

Acts 8:3, 9:1-9, 17b-21 We’re starting our Messy Spirituality series with the story of Saul to underscore that God works with the imperfect and the broken. Sometimes we equate people of great faith with perfection. The faithful must be the good ones who get it all right. We have formed this idea of faith that looks a whole lot like the unreachable concept of perfection. We see the faithful as righteous, holy, and better than us.
But the truth of the matter is that the faithful in the Bible, are far from perfect. They do some wonderful and powerful things for the kingdom of God. And they sin and fall short of the glory of God. They stand up for justice and commit their

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The Power of Context - March 3, 2019

Colossians 3:18-4:1 NRSV (tongue in cheek) I don’t know about you, but these are some of my favorite passages in scripture. (sigh). Honestly, actually, these are the kind of passages I tried to avoid for years. They’re based on an assumption of hierarchy where men are more important and valuable than women. Where children are less than adults. And where slavery is a thing, and masters are more important than the people they *owned *. I

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What If? - February 24, 2019

Mark 1:40-45 In our story today, the leper, a man with some sort of skin disease, comes to Jesus to be healed. He’s humble and unsure about Jesus and his receptiveness. The man fell on his knees and said, “If it’s your will.” He didn’t know what Jesus would do. “IF it’s your will.” But he followed with “you CAN make me clean.” He didn’t know what Jesus would do, but he believed in what he could do. And Jesus cleansed the man. Simple as that.
We’re good right? Miracles and healings….we’re all on board? No doubts. No questions? Right….You may be alright, but I have to confess, I struggle. I struggle for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that I was raised in a church where we didn’t talk about miracles. Ok, maybe they did, but as a child it wasn’t anything noteworthy that stuck in my memory bank.

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Ready- February 17, 2019

Acts 8:26-40 This is an interesting story for a lot of different reasons. First, we have Philip, one of the original 12 disciples. And he has been part of the movements all over Israel to share the Good News of Jesus and bringing people to an active discipleship.

When Saul started persecuting the church, which we hear about in the first part of chapter 8, all the disciples scattered—though they didn’t abandon their ministry. When that happened, Philip ended up in the land of

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