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By Water And The Spirit- November 10, 2019

Mark 1:1-13 Where you start your story says a lot. Especially when you’re only writing 15 short chapters. This is where Mark starts—out in the wilderness at the Jordan River with John the Baptist, or maybe better stated, John the Baptizer since he was no more a Baptist than a Methodist or Presbyterian. John was a Jew, who also baptized people. He was a prophet—someone called by God to speak hard truths and hold people accountable as he invited them back to right relationship with God. By our standards, he was kind of a weird guy—camel hair clothes, living in the desert—eating locusts/grasshoppers and honey.
In the desert, John is calling people to repentance and offering to baptize them n the river. Depending on how you grew up you might think that John was actually a Baptist since that sounds like something they would do. But actually,

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Spirit As Generous Giver - Novmeber 3, 2019

1 Corinthians 12:7-11 I’m assuming this passage is fairly familiar to a lot of people in the church, but I also know it’s fairly unwise to assume. So, we’re going to take a look—because even if we know it well, it never hurts to revisit a scripture and if we’re unfamiliar there are definite riches to be found here.
Let’s start with our purpose. We are specifically studying scripture about the Holy Spirit to learn about the Spirit as part of the Trinity and as part of our life of faith. The Spirit is a big deal in this passage. It’s mentioned 6 different times in just 5 verses. Let there be no doubt who is at work among the church and who

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Filling The Gap - October 27, 2019

Romans 8:18-30 Sometimes we know just enough. Don’t we? We’ve seen a glimpse of something good, maybe even something amazing and we know what is possible—so we keep hoping for that, dreaming of that, even while things might not be so amazing just yet.
That’s what Paul is talking about here—liminal space—the already and not yet of being a follower of Jesus. He knows that when we encounter the risen Christ—something happens. It’s powerful, and memorable, and gives us a taste of all that could be—the sweetness of forgiveness and new beginnings, of grace and transformation, of a life transformed by God’s abundant love. Paul knows that a relationship with the living God marks us with hope and life. And, Paul

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Call on the Advocate - October 20, 2019

John 14: 15-31 This is a powerful passage in Jesus’ relationship with his disciples. As Dan said, it was the night of the Passover, before Jesus went to pray in the garden of Gethsemane, before he was betrayed, before he was tried, and before he died on the cross. It was before the disciples’ grief at having lost their teacher, but in anticipation of all that would come, all they would struggle with, and all they would need to know after he was gone from their presence.
In many ways, it strikes me as one of those conversations you don’t understand at the moment. The words make sense, you can take something away from it, but the heart of what’s being shared won’t make sense until you have a

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Sermon Template - September 1, 2016 (122)

Genesis 2:7
Psalm 150
One of the things theologian, professor, and author Jack Levison highlights is how “ruach” (in Hebrew) is both “spirit” and “breath”. (It’s also breeze and gust…it can be big or small). He says, in essence, to breathe is to commune with God. Breath and Spirit are so interconnected that he prefers to read “spirit-breath” any time either appears in the English scriptures. He wants us to be

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