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Lok With More Than Your Eyes - July 14, 2019

Matthew 15:21-28 I’m going to start today with a disclaimer. My interpretation of this scripture is likely to make you uncomfortable. It’s made me uncomfortable over the years. But I’ve studied the passage at various times, read other pastors, academics, and theologians, and there’s a commonality to what we say. If you don’t like it, I encourage you to study the passage on your own, read some commentaries and see where

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The Power of Welcome - July 7, 2019

Genesis 18: 1-8 As I thought about what it means to follow Jesus and what is asked of us—hospitality and welcoming others were a key theme that kept coming up. Commands to offer hospitality—even to the stranger—are repeated over and over again in the scriptures. Even as the Israelites are defined as the “chosen people” with clear lines of who is in and who is out—God consistently reminds them that their story isn’t just about them. What they have is to be shared. And that idea of sharing doesn’t go away in the New Testament. Jesus is constantly welcoming the outsider and the New Testament churches are focused on

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Where Love Breaks In - June 23, 2019

John 4:5-29 Today we have 2 people hardened by life. The woman has suffered tremendous loss. She’s had, 5 husbands. Based on 1st century standards it’s not likely it was through divorce. It’s more likely each man has died and she’s been taken by a brother or other relative as a wife. Her community would have seen her as cursed. She’s a social pariah who probably has to

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Teach me to Pray - June 2, 2019

Luke 18:9-14 Anyone who has heard more than a few gospel stories has probably heard about the Pharisees. And our opinion of them is generally __________ (negative). They’re legalistic, they regularly confront and challenge Jesus, and ultimately they’re part of the prosecuting group that calls for his crucifixion. In other words—most of us see the Pharisees as bad guys.
So when we hear this passage it’s not much of a leap to see the Pharisee as a presumptuous, self-aggrandizing jerk. “Thank you, God that I’m not like those terrible sinful people.” We find it annoying, but not surprising. And then there’s the tax collector, the iconic bad guy in the 1st century who shows himself to be

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He Said That?- May 26, 2019

Luke 6:1-13
No Manuscript Available.

Current Church News

  • Community event - "Love Your Neighbor"

    Held at the East City Park On Thursday, July 24th, 11 am - 2 pm. This event is a  chance four our church to practice the command to "Love Your Neighbor" by sharing, food, fun, and fellowship. We want a chance for our neighbors to get to know us and know they matter to us. whether or not they come to worship. We will have food, games, and activities for all people and ages. and we'll get to share a little of ourselves and invite kids to VBS and all generations to our other ministries.

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Sunday morning parking at the church is available in the high school parking lot on Third Street across from the church and in the city lots west of the church. These lots are available only on Sunday mornings. A small lot for handicapped parking is available just off of Adams Street on the north side of the church, with an accessible entrance directly into the sanctuary. A lift operates between the Fellowship Hall (3rd Street level) and the Sanctuary. William Sound System Receivers and Headsets are available to assist with hearing problems.

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The First United Methodist Church of Moscow, Idaho takes as our mission to be the body of Jesus Christ, ministering to a community which draws strength from its diversity. Our mission centers on the worship of God, expressed through varied forms of prayer, preaching, music, and ritual.  See more...