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The Story of Lazarus - Week 3 - March 29, 2020

John 11:38-57

I should probably admit that this is the hardest part of the Lazarus story for me. I struggle because I believe that what Jesus offers to Martha is what Jesus offers to all of us--the chance to witness the glory of God if we believe and trust in him. And I believe that in him there is resurrection and life. That’s not the hard part for me. The hard part is that Jesus resurrects Lazarus after 4 days, but hasn’t resurrected or even spared many of the people we’ve prayed for. I don’t have a solution for that. It’s not because we lacked faith. It’s not because we didn’t pray hard enough. It’s not because Jesus doesn’t love us as much as he loved

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The Storry of Lazzarus - Week 2 - March 22, 2020

John 11:17-37

I feel like this is a conversation we have all had with Jesus. If you had just been there!!!! We plead and pray for Jesus to show up. We watch and wait for God to do something. And when we don’t see God doing something, showing up in some way we tend to get frustrated and angry. “It would all be different if you had just been there!!!”

As I read the first section of this story, I heard the sisters send Jesus a note, and then he waited 2 days and then he set out. I counted 4 days total. But this passage says that when Jesus got to Bethany, to the siblings, Lazarus had been dead for 4 days. So either, he died right after his sisters sent the note, or Jesus took his sweet time walking from

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To Believe iIn The Glory Of The Lord - March 15, 2020

John 11:1-16 I have to tell you I feel some irony, or maybe providence, that this is the story we have for today. I picked the scriptures for these few weeks almost two months ago, having no idea of what we’d be facing and it feels more than a little poignant that in a time of sickness and fear and worry, a time when we are calling on God for help and Jesus for healing that this is our scripture story. Lazarus, a dear friend of Jesus is sick. His sisters know Jesus can help. And so they send Jesus a message. “Hey Jesus, the one you love (specifically in the Greek, the one you phileo, the one you love like a brother) is sick, he’s weak and failing and he needs

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Do You See Me? - March 8, 2020

Matthew 25: 31-46 I have to admit I have a love/hate relationship with this text. I love it because it encourages us to see each person and treat them as if they were Christ—that seems so central to who we are called to be—loving, compassionate, and generous imitators of Christ. For that, I love it, even if it is a tall order.

And…I struggle with it because it includes an indictment—one for when we fail to care for, feed, clothe, or visit those in need. If we are to be excluded for all the times we fail to feed someone, or clothe them, or

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The Power of Seeking - February 23, 2020

Psalm 104: 33-34 This is a psalm of praise. Lynn read 2 verses of 35 because to really read this psalm, you have to imagine it, you have to visualize with the psalmist. It’s full of awe and wonder, appreciation and praise. But sometimes when we approach the scriptures, we hear it like the teacher in Charlie Brown (Wah, wah, wah), or the teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day off: (monotone) “Bless the Lord, O my soul, O Lord, you are very great.

But to appreciate the perspective, to be drawn into praise and worship with the author, we have to transport ourselves and look at creation. So I’m going to read it in full, but with images on the screen to help us see and

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