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Realization - January 12, 2020

Luke 2:41-52 I love how this perspective for Joseph gives new life to this story. It’s always been a kind of humdrum in my mind. Jesus went to the temple and hung out. And he was such a nerd that he stayed there for days. And…he didn’t tell his parents so they were scared and incensed when they found him. The end. (Just goes to show you I’m not always a deep thinker.

But as I read this narrative from the perspective of Joseph something came alive in me. Their story grew bigger in my mind. Joseph’s sort of a meek character in the Bible. He’s humble enough to stay with Mary and

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The Gift of Faithfulness - December 29, 2019

Matthew 2:1-12 Ahh, the wise men. These wonderful astrologers from the East who travel for months to come and find the “King of the Jews” and bring three strange, yet prophetic gifts. In the last couple of years as I’ve studied these men, I’ve been struck by the power of the Holy Spirit to guide them. They weren’t from Israel, or seemingly anywhere close. They weren’t Jewish and wouldn’t have been familiar with the Jewish scriptures, yet they somehow felt compelled to follow a certain star in search of the new King of the Jews. And for their journey, it wasn’t wine, or nuts, or dates…not bread or new sandals that they carried, but gold, frankincense, and myrrh. I’m fairly certain the Holy Spirit was guiding them, prompting them

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Christmas Pageant - December 15, 2019

Luke 2:1-20
No Manuscript Available.

A Good Gift- December 8, 2019

John 3:16-17
Titus 3:4-7
As Connie helped frame the service for today, we are talking about giving. And throughout our series this Advent, we’re looking at the different expectations (from family, culture, and ourselves) that can co-op the heart of Christmas and looking at ways we might reclaim the traditions of decorating, giving, and doing in ways that claim and center the holy.

So, this week our focus is on giving. We all know that giving has been a centralized part of the Christmas holiday. As a culture, we spend extraordinary amounts of money, and sometimes even go to extreme measures to buy and

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Sacred Space - December 1, 2019

Matthew 3:1-3 The words John shares comes from the prophet Isaiah. Which, on the surface, probably doesn’t mean much to many of us. So, we’re going to pause for a little Israelite history here. The book of Isaiah in the Old Testament is now understood to have been written in 3 parts. Among scholars, it’s commonly referred to as I, II, and III Isaiah. Chapters 1-39 are first Isaiah and they cover the time of the Babylonian Exile. A time when the Israelites were defeated and forced from their land. In that time the words of the prophet were not comforting. They were words of indictment and condemnation. The Israelites had been selfish and self-serving. They were heartless toward people in need and

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