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Stand Firm - September 15, 2019

1 Peter 3:13-18a When I served in Riverside, we worked a lot with folks who were chronically homeless. We were not a downtown church. But homelessness was an everyday issue for us. In large part, because it was a big urban city, but also because the city had “cleaned up” downtown, which didn’t mean they fixed the problems with homelessness, drugs, and prostitution, only that they pushed those people further away from the main street. Which landed them in our neighborhood. They slept at the church and hung out (and drank) during the day. It first came to us as an issue—a problem. The

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The Social Gospel - September 1, 2019

James 2:14-26 It’s almost as if this passage were written just for us as Methodists. Works, meaning good deeds, as an expression or extension of our faith is another major hallmark of Methodism. And there’s really a key reason why—John Wesley lived in a certain time. I know it sounds too simple, we all live in a certain time, right? So, let me explain.
Theology is dialogical—no, not diabolical, though some theologies could be categorized that way, but Sunday morning worship is not a time for throwing stones. Theology is dialogical in the sense that it’s reactive and responsive. There’s one perspective, then another. It’s like thesis—antithesis—synthesis—There’s one perspective, then another,

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A Little Perspective - August 25, 2019

Acts 10:9-23 Probably the most defining thing about Methodism is what we talked about last week: grace, particularly the three categories John Wesley used to understand the different ways grace affects our faith journey. Grace becomes the framework for how we understand faith and apply it to our daily lives.
I would say the second most defining piece of Wesleyan beliefs is the quadrilateral. The what?! The Wesleyan Quadrilateral! John Wesley defined the concepts for how we interpret scripture and then Albert Outler, another famous Methodist defined it as a teachable model—a quadrilateral—four sides that help us

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All About That Grace - August 18, 2019

Ephesians 2:1-10 This passage is rich with theology. It’s a pretty clear statement of faith relation to Jesus. And it’s going to allow us some generality and some nuance. All too often in the church, we take for granted some basics of the faith. As we move around in this series we’ll have the opportunity to touch some core beliefs—not just for Methodists, but for most Christians and then to examine some of the nuances that helps us see and define

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It's Not About Me - August 11, 2019

Ephesians 3:7-21 This is a beautiful passage that reveals Paul’s heart as a pastor. In the first part he’s confessional (and a little self-deprecating) “I am less than the least of all God’s people.” For the Ephesians and for us it’s easy to elevate Paul, he wrote all these letters that became part of the Bible and he started all these churches. He endured so much for the sake of the Gospel. Most of us never dream of being an evangelist that could change the world. But he’s quite clear “hey, I’m a nobody! By myself and on my own, I don’t even rank.” BUT….God gave me a gift to preach and share about

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