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What Do You Need? - September 19, 2021

Job 2:11-13, 2 Timothy 4:9-18

We continue this morning with the four questions from the series “I’ve been meaning to ask …” and last week’s question, “Where does it hurt?” leads us right into today’s question: “What do you need?”

We all hurt at some time in our lives. We all need something or someone during times of hurt, pain, or distress. We need each other at times in

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Where Does It Hurt? - September 12, 2021

1samuel 1:1-20, Mark 5:21-43

Today we continue in a series of sermons based on this phrase “I’ve been meaning; to ask …”

The question for today is, “I’ve been meaning; to ask where does it hurt?”

I can’t think of a more timely question.

Where does it hurt? Where DOESN’T it hurt at this time? I don’t mean to trivialize the question for today because I believe it is an important

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Where Are You From? - September 5, 2021

No Scripture

We are — each living beings — created and formed from the soil that surrounds us, from the land on which we walk, by the nutrients either rich or poor in the foods we eat.

We are patterned by our DNA — our genetic make-up given to us by our family lineage. We are both male and female, short and tall, brown-eyed and green-eyed or hazel-eyed or blue-eyed. We are dark-skinned or fair-skinned, short or tall based on that DNA and the region of the

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Sermon Script - August 8, 2021

No Scripture

Last May, I was listening to a podcast called Dare to Lead by Brene Brown.

Her guest that day was Priya Parker. Who had written a book that I had read earlier in the year called the art of gathering, how we meet, and why it matters. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I enjoy most of them, learn something from most of them, and quickly move on to the next episode or next podcast. But this particular podcast episode. Was so impressive and so timely coming out of the 2020 pandemic pause that I

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Our Baptismal Vows- August 1, 2021

No scripture

Were any of you a member of the Boy Scouts? Did you advance from Cub to We-be-lo, and did you achieve the rank of Eagle Scout? Maybe you were a Camp Fire girl and moved from Blue Birds to Camp Fire to Horizon? Were you initiated into the National Honor Society in High School? Or did you pledge a fraternity or sorority in college?

In each of these cases, you probably were celebrated and initiated into a new standing or rank or membership and that ceremony may have been an important time in your life. It may have been the beginning of commitments that lasted a lifetime or just a year or two.

In the church, we have a ceremony of initiation into the family of God, into the community of faith. It is physically observed and sealed in our

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