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But What If? - May 19, 2019

Luke 6:46-49 When I was in high school, I worked in a True Value hardware store. I had fun meeting people and learned a ton about all kinds of hardware things. I learned to mix paint and cut keys. I learned about metric and standard bolts, and plumbing and electrical parts, including which ends were male and female and the difference between threaded and slip. I also learned to try and decipher what people meant when they came in and asked for a thing-a-ma-jig or a who-see-what’s-it. Literally. People ask for those things. And there’s not an easy one for one. So I’d have to ask, “Is that in plumbing or electrical?” It’s automotive! Ok….so we narrow the field and

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Bell Sunday - May 12, 2019

Matthew 13:33
No Manuscript Avaliable.

Worth vs. Value - May 5, 2019

Matthew 13:44-46
Today’s parables are found together in Matthew, but we don’t really know if Jesus taught them together or not, all of the parables are lumped together in chapter 13, and it’s unlikely that he just taught parables once, all together, in one lump. It’s more likely they were spaced out throughout his ministry, and so we don’t know if these two originally were taught together or not.

Over the years, they’ve been taught as having a similar straightforward message…sell all the things you have on earth so you can gain

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Excuses, Excuses - April 28, 2018

Luke 14:12-24 As I’ve been studying for this series, I’ve been reading about the many ways we misinterpret the parables. All too often we read them through a very Christian lens without much regard for how 1st century Jews would have heard them. And just as often, because of our myopia, we do harm by immediately assuming Jesus is out to indict the Jews. We have to remember Jesus was a Jew. He did not renounce his faith or his people. He did teach them new perspectives and challenge their biases, much as he would with us if he were seated here today. Which is a caution as we dig into these teachings—we must be wary of believing what we’ve always believed about a particular story, and particularly

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From Believing to Conviction - April 21, 2019

John 20:1-18 The disciples come to Sunday morning wrecked and rung out. Imagine the roller coaster week they’ve had:
Parades and people
Palm fronds and cloaks
A donkey

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