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Pastor Debbie's E-Devotion - April 9, 2020

Dear friends,
Most of us associate worship with the space of a sanctuary. In many ways, a sanctuary becomes holy because we treat it as holy and it has been holy for so many over the years. But worship is not confined to a church, or any building, worship can happen anywhere. And there are many ways to do it. As we learn to worship differently, we wanted to offer some suggestions and resources for worshipping this holy week.
To worship on your own in an organic (let it flow) fashion, I would:
1) set up a space that feels peaceful and calm. This might be a favorite chair. it might be outside. You might light a candle, bring a hymnal, Bible, or devotional book.
2) Sing or pray in a way that helps you focus on God in Christ. (I have "heart" songs that my mom used to sing to me. They are choruses or short hymns that I can sing from memory. They help me anytime I'm stressed or need to focus on God.
3) read a section of scripture. You might already have a habit of this if so, follow what you're doing. If not, pick a spot! Maybe the psalms, maybe the Gospels. The Holy Week stories are in each of the 4 gospels, those would be good this week.
4) Practice Lectio Divina (holy reading/listening). Read the scripture aloud. What stands out? What is curious? What doesn't fit? What is inspiring? If it's a story of people, try and connect with them, how might they be feeling? What might they be thinking? Try to find ways to *find* yourself in the story.
5) Pray. This might be about how God wants you to understand the scripture, or prayer of intercession (praying on behalf of others), or simply listening for God's prompting.
6) Sing (or listen to) songs that move you. Invite God to lead you into the rest of your day.

There are some beautiful resources being shared. I hope you take advantage of them. (see the bottom of this email)
Our services will be shared on Facebook, though you shouldn't need a Facebook account to access them. One note I heard from a member of the church was that viewing live without a Facebook account didn't work, but when she went back an hour later (once it was recorded and saved) she was able to watch the service just fine.
Maundy Thursday and Good Friday will be shared at 6 pm each night.
Easter service will stream at 9 am on Easter Sunday.
We'd love to have you host a watch party whenever you can join the service (even if it's a day later!)
Here is the link to our Facebook page:
Our annual conference is overseen by Bishop Elaine Stanovsky, as well as the Oregon-Idaho Conference and the Alaska Conference. Together the three areas are working on a composite worship service, to be posted by 6 am on Easter morning. Click this link to find the service:
For some at-home DIY options:
Maundy Thursday (family-friendly and includes bread baking, if you want)
Good Friday stations of the cross (45-minute video)
Easter Sunrise Service

Pastor Debbie


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