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Pastor Debbie's E-Spire - March 9, 2020

In my senior year of seminary, a good friend of mine invited me to join her for a ministry to the homeless in downtown Atlanta. The Open Door community served hundreds of homeless brothers and sisters on a weekly basis, including meals, showers, clean clothes, and a medical clinic on Thursday nights. At the clinic, med students from Emory University would come and see patients for free. The Open Door also hosted a “foot clinic” where volunteers (overseen by a nurse) would wash and care for the feet of the homeless. That was the ministry I was invited to do.


First, we would share dinner and then we would clear the dining room and set up chairs with hot water tubs and stools for the volunteers to sit at the clients’ feet. They would soak their feet, and then we’d scrub them, trim their toenails, remove callouses and corns, and then lotion them and give them clean socks to wear.


Living on the streets often demands a lot of walking. People walk to stay warm. Walk to stay safe from others. Walk from agency to agency to try and get assistance. Walk from potential employer to potential employer. They walk a lot. In Atlanta it is humid and rains a good bit, which means their feet get wet. And when you sleep on the streets, you keep your shoes and socks on. 1) It keeps your feet warmer. 2) You can get up and run faster if you have to. 3) They don’t generally get stolen straight off your feet.


If you’ve never experienced it, feet that stay wet and soggy for days can be extra charming. =) The callouses are thick. Foot fungus is normative. And corns are common.


And we were expected to welcome each person with love and warmth—to be kind and generous, recognizing their vulnerability when they presented us their feet to be washed. We were gentle and tried to help with whatever was needed. We treated the foot fungus. We cut away corns. We massaged their weary feet. And we invited them to share whatever of their story that they wanted to. It was a holy and sacred task.


To sit at someone’s feet as the servant, when under ordinary circumstances our roles (or at least our perceived power) could be considered inverted was truly a gift. It was so clear to me that washing dirty feet was what Jesus chose to do and commanded us to do that to do so myself was easy.


This week in our small groups you will (likely) be invited to participate in the vulnerability and care of foot washing. I know it can be intimidating for some. You will also have the option of washing one another’s hands instead. Even if you’re reluctant, I invite you to participate. It is a holy act. And a beautiful thing. If you’re not in a group but want to share in the experience, please let me know, I would be more than willing to wash your feet. And if you’re shy about your feet, or you think they’re too this or too that, please know that I have seen the worst of what can be offered. I’m not bothered by the looks of your feet, or the smell, or your unpainted toes.


I believe it is my calling to serve God’s people, including this holy and unconventional way.


In Christ,

Pastor Debbie



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