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The Sacrament of Foot Washing - April 17, 2014

John 13:1-17, 31-35

We gather tonight to celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion, that little meal Jesus said to do in remembrance of him. It is one thing that binds us together as Christians across our denominational differences. Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, or Disciple, we have this in common. I find it meaningful to share it together once a year.
It would be more difficult to share a common baptism. Not only is that a onetime sacrament, there our customs are more different from each other. Some of us sprinkle and some of us immerse. Finding common ground –er, water – is a little harder.
Still, all four of the denominations represented here tonight recognize those two sacraments: baptism and Holy Communion, as do most other Protestant Christians. We base them on the life of Jesus as recorded in the synoptic gospels – Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Jesus was baptized and Jesus instituted Holy Communion/ Eucharist/the Lord's Supper – by whatever name you call it.

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Washing Our Hands - April 13, 2014

Matthew 27:11-26

"I wash my hands of the whole thing. I'm done, this is someone else's problem now."
I don't suppose many of us literally wash our hands before others to demonstrate our ceding of control and responsibility. More likely we mutter it to ourselves as we walk away. Maybe it is after a frustrating meeting at work with a team who consistently fail to come to a decision or carry through on responsibilities they have promised to do. "Fine! I give up. I'm done with this project: I wash my hands of it," we might say.
Or maybe it is after agonizing hours spent trying to coach and coax your child to get her homework done. You'd pled, you've urged, you've taught, you've scolded --- and the science fair project is a jumbled mess on the floor, the English paper a blank page, and you finally throw up your hands in despair, saying, "I wash my hands of you. If you flunk it's your problem."

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The One Whom You Love - April 6, 2014

John 11: 17-44

"Lord, the one whom you love is ill," word came to Jesus. Lazarus and his sisters were dear friends. So Martha and Mary sent word. Sometimes you just want to know when someone you care about is in trouble. Sometimes there are ways to help. Already Jesus had healed a man who was paralyzed and another who was blind, so perhaps he could help. He was several days' journey from Lazarus' home in Bethany, however, so in a day of foot travel there was no way to know if he could get there in time.
"Sue, the one whom you love is ill." Sometimes word comes to me because someone more alert than I has noticed another did not look good. Maybe a family member or close friend calls to tell me, "Dolly broke her hip getting out of the car." "Ketra is dehydrated and they can't get an IV started." "Ben is in ICU after a stroke." And though the news is bad I am glad people tell me. I'd rather hear twice than not at all.

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The Curious Case of the Blind Man - March 30, 2014

John 9:1-41

Moderator: Good morning, friends. This morning we have convened a panel of experts to debate the curious case of the man reputed to have been born blind. Here is the situation: last Sabbath a popular teacher and faith healer by the name of Jesus was asked by his followers who sinned, a man born blind or his parents? This Jesus is said to have given sight to the blind man. Controversy has brewed around this incident all week: was he really born blind? Can he really now see? Was this a miracle or is it a hoax?
To answer this question we have gathered in interdisciplinary team who will help us to see the truth about this incident and those involved. With us today are: Bart, the blind man; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lightly; Otis and Dorothy Richards, neighbors who have known this family for years; the Rev. Dr. Tyron Inbody, professor of theology; and Dr. Matilda Peabody, an expert in ophthalmology.

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A Cup of Cool Water - March 23, 2014

John 4: 5-26

Maybe it is a hot day or perhaps I've just eaten a rich meal. At such times, there is nothing better than a glass of cool water. Oh I like the occasional root beer, orange juice, or hot cocoa just fine and when I am really thirsty what I want is water.
She came to the well at noon, during the heat of the day. Little did she know that a simple cup of water would change her life.
Most of the time, most women came to the well early in the morning, in the cool of the day. We don't really know for sure why this woman came at noon. Traditionally, we've said that she was ostracized from society because she led an immoral life. Instead of joining in the gossip and chatter of the other women, we've said she was the topic of the gossip. To avoid their looks of disdain and muttered slurs she may have come at a time when no one else would be there. Better to endure the heat of the day than the heat of their disapproval. Maybe.

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  • Piety Sunday! September 23rd

    Pie-ty Sunday will be Sunday, September 23rd. Over the last few years we have enjoyed celebrating the culinary and baking talents of our church for both sweet and savory pies. We sell pie by the slice and a few whole pies you can take home. We are hoping to add homemade ice cream to the menu. The money we raise this year will go to support our missioners and work in Puerto Rico.

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