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Bread and Jam Forgiveness - September 7, 2014

2 Chronicles 6:12-17
I John 1:1-2:2

"God, be merciful to me, a sinner," prayed the tax collector in one of Jesus' parables. The tax collector did not elaborate on the nature of his sin. Generally in Jesus' day tax collectors were regarded as traitors and thieves, so Jesus may not have needed to say much more.
"Have mercy on me, O God, according to your steadfast love; according to your abundant mercy, blot out my transgressions," prayed King David in Psalm 51. Traditionally we say that David had committed adultery with Bathsheba and then murdered her husband when she became pregnant. These days we would call it sexual misconduct, even sexual harassment. We would say he attempted to cover up his sin through the arranged murder.
David and the tax collector are just two examples of people in the bible who sinned and then asked God to forgive them. As a pastor, I occasionally have people come to me to confess their sins. I don't hear that nearly as often as a Roman Catholic priest does. Methodists are more likely to address God directly. I can't tell you the stories I do hear for reasons of confidentiality. Suffice it to say that many people feel guilty.
Whether it is a felony that makes the headlines or a grudge no one else knows about, most of us need God's mercy. All of us must have God's steadfast love to move forward in life.

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Imagine No Malaria - August 31, 2014

I Kings 17:17-24
Acts 15:36-41

Years ago I came home from work, feeling a bit under the weather, to find Doug wrapped in a blanket, crouched in front of the fireplace, and shivering. Over the course of the next several days both of us experienced intense abdominal cramping and, well, let's just say it was a good thing we had two bathrooms. We were miserable. After Doug nearly passed out on a middle of the night bathroom run, I took him to the doctor. We both had the flu.
Fortunately for us, after several days we began to feel better. I don't remember now how long we were sick but I know I didn't miss a Sunday, so it couldn't have been for a week. It seemed like an eternity.
Chances are at some point in life everyone in this room has been sick. Earlier this summer I know that several families had members with high fevers, chills, and body aches. It is no fun to be sick like that.
The Ebola crisis in Africa has led the headlines for a couple of months. It is a highly infectious disease with a 50% or worse mortality rate. Nearly two thousand people have died.
As the Ebola crisis has filled the news, a quieter and much worse disease has haunted Africa, as it has done for years. We haven't heard much about malaria. And every minute a child dies from malaria. While two thousand people have died from Ebola, over a thousand people per day have died from malaria. That's 43,200 a month.

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Strengthening the Churches - August 24, 2014

Exodus 18:13-27
Acts 15:36-41

"What troubles have we seen, what mighty conflicts past, fightings without, and fears within, since we assembled last?"

Charles Wesley's words have often been sung at the Opening Worship service of Annual Conference, the regional gathering of United Methodists. They speak to us today at the end of the summer and the start of the new academic year.
They also describe the realities all churches face. Fightings without and fears within, and very often fightings within and fears without are common in churches large and small. For all we like to think of ourselves as one big happy family, united in mission and ministry, the truth is that it is seldom that idyllic. From worship wars between those who favor traditional versus those who favor contemporary worship, to disagreements about local versus international mission, to hurt feelings, conflict is a part of the church.

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Forward Through The Ages - August 17, 2014

I Kings 8:27-30
Acts 15:22-35

On December 21, 1876, seven people met in the old Maguire schoolhouse three miles south of Moscow to organize the Moscow Methodist Episcopal Church. Rev. Milton Anderson was the first pastor. In the early years, the fledgling church met on the upper floor of a building at the corner of 4th and Main, and then for a while at the Baptist Church.
Our church history does not specify whether Rev. Anderson was sent here by the Annual Conference to start a church or if those seven lay people had begun to organize one on their own. The 1876 date is listed as the start of Rev. Anderson's tenure, so my guess is that he had done initial work prior to the December 21 meeting.
However it came about, the church began then and the rest, as we say, is history.

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I See A New Church - August 10, 2014

Isaiah 43:18-19
Acts 15: 6-22

"But we've always done it that way!" has itself been said so often that it has become a cliché. We laugh at it, albeit a bit uncomfortably, as we joke about tradition bound people who are stuck in their outdated ways.
The truth is that sometimes experience is a good teacher. There can be valid reasons why organizations and individuals have done things the same way for years. I use the same recipe for pie crust that my mother used and hers before her. It tastes good and is comparatively easy. Furthermore, it is the way I learned to make pie crust and there's no need to change.
The other side of the story is that the way we've always done things can become a trap. As the world around us changes, the old ways don't always work. When new people come into a group they can be excluded and shut out because they don't know the old way and their ideas are dismissed.

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