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The Summons - July 22, 2018

Acts 6

What we see here is a glimpse at church growth—more and more people are learning about Jesus and more and more were choosing to follow him, which is something people celebrate—we want the life-giving power of Jesus to reach more people. We want more people to know about forgiveness and grace and God's deep deep love. But then the complaints started happening—the church isn't doing enough. The people are being forgotten. Some groups are being treated unfairly. Some people are falling into old ways—

focusing on "their" people and they're not paying any attention to new people.
So the disciples came in to help and they found that the heart of the problem was not the old people or the new people....the Greek-speaking Jews or the Aramaic speaking Jews. The problem was they needed more hands to help. Specifically, they said they needed people to serve the hungry. So they asked for nominations from the church—7 men were chosen and ironically we don't hear anything about them serving food to anyone. Instead, they teach and preach and perform signs and wonders. They start to do some pretty amazing things for the sake of the gospel.
They too continue to grow the work of the church...reaching more and more people. And I can only imagine that them not being known for feeding the hungry is that they were then able to recruit some other folks to feed the hungry. They appointed and delegated more. After all, if they had simply side stepped the needs of the people...that complaint would have come up again and again. We would have heard something along the lines of "hey, you chose these 7 guys to help feed the widows and they're still hungry...pick someone else!" But we don't hear that...we only hear of their great works for the sake of Christ. So, presumably, they helped cover the needs by recruiting more help so they could do the other work of preaching and teaching and miracles.
So then how does this apply to us? Is this relevant even for us today? Yes!!! Yes! Yes!!! We are growing. We are sharing the gospel. We are doing new things. We are meeting new people. We are talking about how good God is and what God can do for us. And we are growing. We have new people in worship, new people in small groups, new people on campus. times...we hear a few complaints...not many...but there's always something we could do differently or better, right? So we can focus on the complaints, or we can focus on the heart of the issue....and I'd say we're facing much of what Stephen and his friends faced...we need more helpers. Not just 7 to teach and preach (though we certainly need those too) but we also need those who will cook and feed and run games and help with the kids. We need people to visit our folks who are sick or homebound. We need folks to work on our outreach. We need people in our music ministry. For us to grow, for us to keep sharing the gospel, we need more than a few helpers...We need lots of helpers.
Now, I imagine some of you are saying, but I'm not full of wisdom. Or I don't know the Bible, let alone how to teach it. Or I'm just a beginner. Or maybe, I've done all those things and I'm ready for a break!! Let me tell you a story about Anne and Robin.
I met Anne and Robin in my first year of ministry. I had their daughter in my youth group and was leading youth group each week with kids ranging from 3rd grade through 12th (which is a big span!) And I decided we would do a lock-in...since that's what you do when you run a youth group. And I was willing to do all night with the students, but I needed someone to help with breakfast on Sunday morning so I could get ready for worship. I made a request in worship and Anne and Robin signed up. Anne said she would cook and Robin would clean up. And they did. And that was the start of them helping with the youth. Anne would volunteer them both and Robin would follow Anne's lead. It was only after we had formed a friendship and gotten to know each other that Anne told me she felt sorry for me standing up there asking for help...I looked so pathetic she felt she had to help. I wasn't real fond of looking pathetic, but I was a fan of I was willing to take what I could get.
As our group expanded, I needed more help. Having that large of an age difference really wasn't functional. So, Anne started coming to lead the younger group so I could lead the older group. The next summer we wanted to do a beach trip and Anne said they'd handle the food. So Anne shopped and cooked and Robin came along to schlep all the stuff! Robin was happy to help. But she didn't want anything to do with all that Bible stuff. =)
Robin had a slow entry into the ministry. She did the behind the scenes work but shied away from the Bible stuff. Until finally I was able to convince her to help at summer camp. There she led Bible study, did icebreaker games, and helped with all kinds of things. But most importantly, she had a powerful Jesus encounter...God showed her some stuff that was broken in her life and Jesus showed her the grace and forgiveness only He can offer. Robin didn't come home all gung-ho-sy, but she did come home more willing to do what God called her to do. She helped with leading Bible studies for the youth. She helped with serving the homeless. And she joined SPRC and eventually became the chair of the committee. God did some powerful things in her and for her.
She didn't start out ready. She had to get her feet wet and have a gradual entry into church and ministry and life with Jesus. But she got there with the help and encouragement and some prodding from her wife!

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