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The Spirit of the law - September 18, 2016

Revelation 21:1-6

• teaching on the sabbath in the synagogue
• woman who has been ailing 18 years (much like the bleeding woman who suffered for 12 years)
• She didn't do anything more than "appear" and Jesus told her should would be healed
• too often we get hung up thinking we have to do so much in order to earn Jesus' healing, but instead he simply offers is a gift of grace. It's free. It's unmerited. Unearned. And his gift comes before any action on her part.
• He heals her, touches her, and she is able to stand up and the only thing that came to mind for

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You Don't Know The Cost - September 4, 2016

Luke 7:36-50

This scene is early in Jesus' ministry. He's eating with a Pharisee and we don't know where the Pharisee stands in regard to Jesus. We don't know if he likes what Jesus is doing or doesn't like it. We don't know why he invited Jesus...was it to trap him or just to get to know him and see what this guy was really all about?

The Pharisee, named Simon, invites Jesus to dinner and the scripture tells us they were reclining...that tells us this was a formal dinner—maybe a sabbath meal—so Simon would have or should have prepared the very best for his guests. Now, as part of this formal meal it would have been customary to wash his guests' feet—well, not him, but a servant, and the host would have

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Not One Of Them - August 28, 2016

Luke 5:27-32

Levi was a traditional name—it was that of the 3rd son of Jacob (later known as Israel) and that tribe of Jacob became the priests—known as the Levites. They were the ones who performed the priestly duties for all of Israel. They were the ones who bridged the gap between the people and God. And that would have been true for all of the men in that family. Since in that time you did what you father did for work and what his father did before him and his father before him.

So when we hear that this man is named Levi we know a bit about him. We know he's a Jew, from the line of Levi, son of Jacob. His father would have been a priest, and his father before him. And Levi, the tax collector, would have been expected to be a priest too. Yet he's not. So we know that somehow,

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Healing Power - August 21, 2016

Luke 5:17-26

When we read the scriptures, it is often important to take a look at what stories come before and after the one we are focused on. They can often give us extra insight about the current passage. That's true today. The passage right before this is about Jesus healing a leper. The man is sick and spiritually/ritually unclean. He would have been a social outcast because of his wounds. And he approached Jesus and said, "If you choose, you can make me clean." To which Jesus replies, "I do choose. Be made clean." And then Jesus told him not to tell anyone. Jesus was sort of a comedian sometimes. I mean really, you tell a man who was physically sick...has sores on his body—and is not allowed to have normal social interactions who is now healthy and allowed to be with people to not say anything about what happened. Come on. That's just not fair. People would have noticed. They would have asked him. They would have talked about him with or without information about

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All You Need Is Love - August 14, 2016

Romans 13:8-10

In the letter to the Romans, Paul is giving instructions to the community. He has addressed their debates over who is right and who is wrong. He's leveled the field on the arguments of who's a sinner. He's shared the good news that we are saved while we are yet sinners, before we ever get it right, God intervenes on our behalf. Beyond that he tells us that our identity is both grounded in God's plan for us and centered on our calling and giftedness. Last week we heard Paul admonish the Romans, and us, that this good news needs to be shared but asked how people would ever be convinced they haven't heard the Gospel truth and how could they hear if we don't declare it. In essence, if the

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