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Nice To Meet You - July 3, 2016

Romans 1:16-25, 28-32, 2:1-3

Introduction (@ welcome): Our sermons series this summer will be looking at different scriptures from the book of Romans. You might wonder, "Why Romans?" Well, for starters, as I prayed about what to preach with you, the answer that kept coming back to me was, "Romans." And as I looked at the book, which I love, I was reminded that this is one of the most comprehensive explanations we have in the New Testament of what Jesus did and why it matters. (Paul also tends to address some issues in the early church that still have some resonance today.) So we're going to be hearing about forgiveness and salvation and all of the amazing things God does for us through Christ Jesus and hopefully finding some of God's amazing saving grace in the middle of it all.

Now that's pretty cheery now isn't it?! It's not. I get that. I know that. But here's the deal, God said preach Romans, so I said ok, and then I came back and re-read chapter 1 and went, really God!? You

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Packing The Last Bag - June 12, 2016

Acts 20:36-38
2 Timothy 4:6-8
As most of you know, tomorrow morning the City NorthAmerican van will show up at the parsonage to load our furniture and boxes to move us to Vancouver, WA.
Doug and I have been preparing for this day since mid-February. We started by purging. As he put it, Doug excavated the home office. He took over 80 pounds of old financial records to the Recycling Center to be shredded. We took bags of books to Read It Again, bags of clothes and household goods to The Hope Center, and various other stuff to the Habitat Surplus Sale. I scanned twelve boxes of old sermons onto a single thumb drive. I think we've been responsible

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This Is My Story - June 5, 2016

Galatians 1:11-24

When I was in Middle School, I thought that God was a figment of people's imaginations and that religion was a crutch for the weak. My friends and I used to have long debates about it during breaks at Lincoln Middle School in Pullman. Amy and I were on the no-God side and all the rest were on the God side. As I look back on that time I suspect that most of my friends were in Confirmation classes at their churches, though I don't recall knowing that at the time.
Then during my second semester of my freshman year in High School my Dad took a sabbatical and I went to Europe with my parents. Dad met with mathematicians in England, Italy, and Germany. Mom and I took in the sights in each of those places. I took Correspondence Courses and Dad taught me

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The Gospel of Inclusive Love - May 29, 2016

Galatians 1:1-12

The first step of moving is purging – sorting through drawers and boxes to figure out what goes and what we no longer need and can be given away or tossed. My general rule of thumb is that if it hasn't been used or even looked at for a year, much less twelve, then it's time to get rid of it. Let's just say that I think Doug and I have been responsible for an overall increase in the City of Moscow's recycling tonnage.
Among the things I found in the boxes I dug through was a collection of letters. Most of them were written to me by my mother (and sometimes my father) while I was in seminary. I read them all before I put them in the recycling bin. There was seldom anything major in them –

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Reframing Shame - May 22, 2016

Romans 5:1-5

Many of you know that my husband, Doug, is an alcoholic. He has been sober for over five years now and I'm proud of the work he has done towards recovery. What you may not know is my own story. I did not know that Doug was drinking. I knew something was wrong, but not what. For a time we had what we called meltdowns where Doug would suddenly erupt over seemingly minor things. For example, we had talked about getting a cheese sliver, so one day at the store I

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  • Family Promise of the Palouse

    Moscow First United Methodist Church is honored to be an active participant of the Family Promise of the Palouse providing temporary, safe housing for families in our community who are facing homelessness. Our next opportunity to host is June 11-18, 2017.

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