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Camp Sunday - June 17, 2018

Psalm 8

No manuscript available. 

Stay In Love With God - June 10, 2018

Colossians 3:1-17

Sometimes when we hear these types of passages, we feel like someone is finger wagging at us. Do this. Don't do that. It hardly feels inspiring. It feels condemning and sometimes condescending. Sometimes we read too much into these passages or hold one another hostage, and sometimes we're dismissive and think "that's not me" and we move on. But there's a richness and a depth here that shouldn't be ignored. Paul is writing to the new church in Colossus. And he's trying to help them figure out the ways of faith. His writings are letters....responding to issues and needs within the church. Here it seems people are confused about what living in Christ might

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Do Good - June 3, 2018

John 21:15-18
No manuscript available.

Do No Harm - May 27, 2018

Romans 13:8-10

How is it that the simplest rules are sometimes the hardest to follow? We get this, right? Love your neighbor. Do no harm. We can see it's value and get on board. It really is that simple. Do no harm. So then why do we get it wrong so often? Do we need clarification? Are we not really committed to the welfare of others? Are we willing only as long as it's

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God Still Moves Today - May 20, 2018

Acts 2:1-13

This passage is about Holy Spirit encounters....and to be quite honest, even growing up in the church, this seemed pretty far fetched. And in some ways, downright crazy. I probably would have been one of the crowd who thought the disciples were drunk. This kind of faith and religion were not part of my experience. The most I knew of the charismatic church was movies like "Leap of Faith" with Steve Martin and other critiques of 1970s evangelists...who dramatized and faked Holy Spirit encounters. The strong image I had in my mind was the preacher who had someone on stage with them and

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Sunday morning parking at the church is available in the high school parking lot on Third Street across from the church and in the city lots west of the church. These lots are available only on Sunday mornings. A small lot for handicapped parking is available just off of Adams Street on the north side of the church, with an accessible entrance directly into the sanctuary. A lift operates between the Fellowship Hall (3rd Street level) and the Sanctuary. William Sound System Receivers and Headsets are available to assist with hearing problems.

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The First United Methodist Church of Moscow, Idaho takes as our mission to be the body of Jesus Christ, ministering to a community which draws strength from its diversity. Our mission centers on the worship of God, expressed through varied forms of prayer, preaching, music, and ritual.  See more...

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