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Proclaim Faith - December 31, 2017

Luke 2:22-39

Who in your faith life do you trust? I mean really trust? You know they are faithful, they are prayerful, they listen to God, and they genuinely hear from the Holy Spirit? They're not in the "they sound crazy but they could be faithful" category, but the genuinely faithful category. And their faith extends beyond the basics such that if you had a new experience in faith you could go to them to see if you are crazy or if you experienced God. Who is that person? Maybe you know someone personally,

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Proclaim Love - December 24, 2017

Luke 2:1-7

There are lots of things we could look for in this story and we could imagine all sorts of details to bring this story to life.
We could imagine Mary sick as a dog for those first few months.
We can imagine her young and fearful, anxious about becoming a mother. Visiting her cousin for comfort and support.
We can barely imagine her daring to ride a donkey 9 months pregnant for 97 miles from

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Proclaim Peace - December 17th

Matthew 1:18-25

Joseph's peace is the kind you have to work for. You have to cling to it, strive for it, hold onto it, sometimes even fight for it. That doesn't sound much like peace at sounds like a battle zone and we hardly associate that with peace. But that's kind of the point. We have to fight for peace because fear is always there ready to take control ready to take over, and if we want peace instead, we have to force fear out of the way.

Think about Joseph. He was married to Mary...legally bound, but not yet living together or

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Proclaim Hope - November 26, 2017

Luke 1:5-25

Both Zechariah and Elizabeth were from the priestly line of ancestors. Both had deep roots of serving God and God's people and Zechariah was anointed and appointed for this particular time in the most holy space of God. The scripture tells us that both Zechariah and Elizabeth were righteous before God. They

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When Things Come Undone - November 19, 2017

Genesis 37 - Joseph's Story

When I was little, we used to get together with my extended family for the big holidays. And when we did, it was always a lesson in genealogy and family history. My dad is one of 4, and his dad was one of 5 and his mom was one of 3. All together we'd be 60 or 70 people at my aunt's house. And we only saw each other once or twice a year, so we were regularly asking "who is that?" "Who is he related to?" We became well versed in who was first cousins, second cousins, first cousins once removed and second

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Current Church News

  • Vacation Bible School - August 5-9, 2017



    Polar Blast Vacation Bible School is August 5th-9th from 6PM to 8PM with dinner each evening at 5:30pm, come chill with us! "Where Jesus' Love is cool."

  • Community event - "Love Your Neighbor"

    Community event - "Love Your Neighbor"

    Held at the East City Park On Thursday, August 2nd, 5pm-9pm. This event is a  chance four our church to practice command to "Love Your Neighbor" by sharing, food, fun, and fellowship. We want a chance four our neighbors to get to know us and know they matter to us. whether or not they come to worship. We will have food, games, and activities for all people and ages. and we'll get to share a little of ourselves and invite kids to VBS and all generations to our other ministries.

Get Directions

Sunday morning parking at the church is available in the high school parking lot on Third Street across from the church and in the city lots west of the church. These lots are available only on Sunday mornings. A small lot for handicapped parking is available just off of Adams Street on the north side of the church, with an accessible entrance directly into the sanctuary. A lift operates between the Fellowship Hall (3rd Street level) and the Sanctuary . William Sound System Receivers and Headsets are available to assist with hearing problems.

Church Mission

The First United Methodist Church of Moscow, Idaho takes as our mission to be the body of Jesus Christ, ministering to a community which draws strength from its diversity. Our mission centers on the worship of God, expressed through varied forms of prayer, preaching, music, and ritual.  See more...