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It's A Lie - April 22, 2018

Matthew 28:11-15

While the women were on the way, SOME of the guards went into the city and reported everything that had happened. Some of the guards. More than one. More than two, at least 3, maybe more, of the guards went to the city to tell what had happened. That means something. There are multiple witnesses. It's not just some random guard who had too much to drink or had a crazy dream. And it's not just two guys colluding. It's at least 3

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Do Not Doubt, But Believe - April 15, 2018

John 20:24-29

This passage is a continuation of the story we've been hearing for the last couple of weeks. It started on Easter when the women went to anoint Jesus' body at the tomb, only to find he wasn't there. They went back to the disciples to tell them what happened only to be told they were....."delirious". Then last week Jesus came to the disciples in the upper room only to have them doubt him....they saw him and they doubted. They heard him and they doubted, they touched him and still they had some trouble. It simply seemed unreal and unbelievable. And now, this week, we hear of

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Power of Peace - April 8, 2018

Luke 24:36-49

No Manuscript Available.

God of the Unexpected - April 1, 2018

Luke 24:1-12

Easter gives us an upending of the expected, the logical, and the necessary. Everything says that death is final. There is no coming back. And, logically, that makes sense to us. No heart beat, no oxygen equals no life. It's predictable. It's reliable. It's a sure thing. It's why we hate to stop treatment. It's why we can't bear to take someone off life support—because when life stops, it ends. And

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Power of Praise - March 18, 2018

Psalm 145:1-21

Over the last month or so, we've been making our way through different types of prayers. Sometimes clearing the clutter of cultural platitudes and sometimes untangling scriptural intricacies. We have hopefully created some space for us to pray more freely and more willingly, knowing that God is

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Current Church News

  • Vacation Bible School - August 5-9, 2017



    Polar Blast Vacation Bible School is August 5th-9th from 6PM to 8PM with dinner each evening at 5:30pm, come chill with us! "Where Jesus' Love is cool."

  • Community event - "Love Your Neighbor"

    Community event - "Love Your Neighbor"

    Held at the East City Park On Thursday, August 2nd, 5pm-9pm. This event is a  chance four our church to practice command to "Love Your Neighbor" by sharing, food, fun, and fellowship. We want a chance four our neighbors to get to know us and know they matter to us. whether or not they come to worship. We will have food, games, and activities for all people and ages. and we'll get to share a little of ourselves and invite kids to VBS and all generations to our other ministries.

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Sunday morning parking at the church is available in the high school parking lot on Third Street across from the church and in the city lots west of the church. These lots are available only on Sunday mornings. A small lot for handicapped parking is available just off of Adams Street on the north side of the church, with an accessible entrance directly into the sanctuary. A lift operates between the Fellowship Hall (3rd Street level) and the Sanctuary . William Sound System Receivers and Headsets are available to assist with hearing problems.

Church Mission

The First United Methodist Church of Moscow, Idaho takes as our mission to be the body of Jesus Christ, ministering to a community which draws strength from its diversity. Our mission centers on the worship of God, expressed through varied forms of prayer, preaching, music, and ritual.  See more...