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Pastor Debbie's E-Devotion - February 22, 2018

There has been a lot of conversation over the last year (or more) about gun violence and gun control. It seems there is even greater sensitivity since the Parkland shooting where we are now hearing from the students who were there.

A lot of people have said a lot of things. To be sure, we are of varying minds even within our church. With all the voices out there, and the various ways of interpreting scriptures, one might wonder what the church says. Some churches say they don't go into political issues. We aren't one of those churches.


In fact, for a long time, United Methodists have been very outspoken on societal (aka political) issues. We are the only religious institution with a building on capital hill. It is home to the General Board of Church and Society, where we have church representatives who lobby on all kinds of issues (from domestic violence, to immigration, to war). Not all United Methodists in the pews support each and every stance of the General Board, but the General Board represents the stance agreed upon by the General Conference (our annual meeting of delegates representing our churches around the world).




If you would find it helpful to have a conversation about any of these topics, including the particular stance of the UMC, please feel free to reach out to me to schedule a time for a conversation.



In Christ,
Pastor Debbie



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Pastor Debbie's E-Devotion - February 15, 2018

As we begin the season of Lent, we are invited to make intentional commitments to our faith life and practices so we may draw closer to God. On this day of love and ashes, we are reminded both of God's deep abiding love for us, and the impermanence of our own lives.

And tragically, today, we have seen the death of too many as we read and watch news of the school shooting in Parkland Florida. It's one thing to contemplate our own mortality as we give thanks for the gift of life through Christ. It is wholly another to see the sudden death of children and try and share God's love and presence even in the face of terrible evil.


In the face of tragedy, I know words fall short. I don't have answers or solutions. I have no magic (or divine) power to bring them back from the dead. But I do have prayers--for the families of those who were shot, their friends who witnessed such awfulness, the shooter, his family, the first responders, the community, and our nation.


While I wish I could give us a world where our kids knew nothing of gun violence, I will give you what I have prayer:


Will you pray with us?
Merciful and loving God
We cry out to you
Our hearts are aching
as more children have faced gun violence
in a place that should be safe
in a place where friendships are formed
in a place that is meant to grow us into better people
and yet still so many are hurting
and bitter
We need you, Lord
to guide us
and heal us
and change us into the community you have called us to be
For those who are in the shockwaves of grief
We ask for comfort and solace
For those just hearing the news, we ask for ears to hear
For those seeking to help
We ask for wisdom, care, and compassion
For our nation
which needs to learn your ways
with all that we are
in all that we do
We ask that your voice would be loud and clear
that we would have courage and humility
to submit our own will
that your will would come
here on earth
in this nation
in these states
in these towns
in our schools
In Jesus' name, we pray,




May God bless you,
Pastor Debbie


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Pastor Debbie's E-Devotion - January 22, 2018

Good morning!
We've had some questions about pushpay (our online giving option) and if it's up and running. We are delighted that it's up and working well. For those of you who would like to take advantage of online giving, or use our app, please follow the directions below.

For online giving:
You can use an account transfer, a debit card, or a credit card. You can do one time gifts (like for the Africa Sunday, youth ministries or Easter) or you can do a recurring gift (like your tithe). To create a Pushpay account: go to or you can go to our website: and click "giving" on the upper left and it will take you to our push pay page.

Once you're on the pushpay page:
1. Enter the dollar amount you would like to give, use the drop down to choose where you would like your gift to go, and click Next.
2. Enter your mobile number, click send code. Enter code from the text for secure sign in. If using a landline, click need help and choose "receive code via voice call"
3. Enter your personal information including email.
4. Enter your giving information (account info, or card number).
5. Click confirm on final page with giving amount and giving information. You should receive an email confirmation of your gift within minutes.

For our app:
you can use either googleplay or the app store and look for "Echurch" (it is a white double triangle steeple with a cross on top, sky blue background). It is a free download. Once you have that installed it will ask for your church name, enter "Moscow UMC" (no space). Our app and information should load for you including events, small groups, and giving. You can also establish your online giving through the app.

If you have any questions, please contact Zach Wnek, Pastor Debbie, or a member of the finance committee.




In Christ
Pastor Debbie


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Pastor Debbie's E-Devotion - January 11, 2018

I like to think of myself as someone who is on top of it. I don't always manage things in the perfect balance that I would like, but the work gets done, calls get made (mostly), kids are fed, house is cleaned (if not picked up), and things run in decent order. Most of the time, I can even field a curve ball. But sometimes, there are things that pop up that I just don't have time for. You know, a broken this, a leaking that, a forgotten other, a missed bill....something that is just a little too much to handle in the moment, so if it's not an emergency, it waits.

Well, I have one of those things. It's the tire light in my car. Not the regular low pressure tire light (OK, so that's on too), but more like an alert. I don't know what it really means other than that there's a problem with my tires and I should have them checked. But, I don't have time for that. So it's waiting. Only, I know it won't wait forever. I keep waiting for the day that I blow the tire, or it goes flat and I get to change it in the snow and ice. But for now, it's troublesome, but not overly so, so it keeps waiting.


I know, you'll want me to get the tire/s fixed, or at least checked, and I will (I know they won't wait forever). But the point of this isn't my negligence on car care, it's the way we often find that one thing that's just a little too much for right now that we keep putting off. But really, it could be a much bigger deal than we'd like to admit. But we don't really want to face that reality either. So we keep avoiding it until we can't. A lump, a spot, a pain. Maybe the regular fight with a spouse, or the silence from our kids. Something isn't quite right. It's troublesome, but not sounding the alarm, so we keep moving it aside for the sake of all the other things.


Yet, if we're honest, it needs our attention. And the warning light is our sign. We shouldn't wait for the blow out or the flat to take care of it. It should happen right about now. Is there something like that for you? Nagging about a problem? Needing more time than you'd like to afford? But really shouldn't be avoided? Will you attend to it? Will you make the call? Or the appointment?


Because maybe it could wait....but maybe it will be 10 times worse if you do.


In Christ,
Pastor Debbie


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Pastor Debbie's E-Devotion - January 3, 2018

Normally, I'm a die-hard for the Christmas season. Christmas decorations go up the day (or two) after Thanksgiving and they stay up all the way until Epiphany...since that's the full Christmas season. This year, I needed to restore a little order to the house and wasn't willing to wait for January 6th. So I put things away over the weekend. Regardless, every year, one thing is always true. No matter how thoroughly I check the house, there is always something that remains from Christmas. Sometimes it's the lone ornament that I missed on the tree. Sometimes it's my Christmas apron or a dish towel with the holiday theme. Sometimes a trinket, or something larger. Christmas has a way of persisting. And it's a nice reminder....all the things we love about Christmas—the sights, the smells, the feelings, the family, the goodness of God given to us through the Christ child are meant to persist. We aren't to box them up for another 11 months, longing for what they mean to us. Instead, Christmas should linger....little touches and moments that help us hold onto the holy in our midst. And remember, that holy one comes to us in the chaos, the clutter, the stress, the sickness, the loneliness...all of it...any of it. We don't have to have it right for God to show up. As you clean up from Christmas, I invite you to leave a reminder somewhere in your home where you will be reminded to let Christmas linger a little longer into the year.


May God bless you,
Pastor Debbie


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