Pastor Debbie's E-Devotion - March 20, 2020

A few days ago I was looking through the hymnal for worship music. The hymnal is divided into topical sections like "promised to come" "birth and baptism" and "life and teaching". The hymns relate to those topics and also carry us through the Christian calendar. As I searched I was particularly drawn to "assurance", "prayer, trust, and hope" and "strength in tribulation". There are lots of songs in those sections and many that I know well (and I expect you do too). Some of the ones I love the most include:

My Hope Is Built
Blessed Assurance
Standing on the Promises
There is a Balm in Gilead
It is Well With My Soul
Amazing Grace
There's Within My Heart a Melody
Trust and Obey
Precious Lord, Take My Hand

And that's the shortlist!!! I find comfort in these songs because I've spent nearly 40 years singing them, but also because they point strongly to the fact that Christians suffer and find solace in God.

The last few weeks have been taxing, if for nothing more than the unknown of all that will happen with this pandemic (and yes, there have been many many more stressors for lots of people) and yet our faith offers us assurance and hope and community that reaches through the ages.

And the assurance is not cheap. It's not platitudes or weightless memes. The assurance of faith comes from people who have seen the worst in life and yet found God's grace and love in the midst of it. It's not that we will be spared from hardship, but we worship a God who enters the heart of our heartache. Jesus walked on this earth and he suffered--rejection, betrayal, misunderstanding, isolation, loneliness, even doubt and he remains with us.

I don't know what these next weeks or months might hold, but I do know God is going to walk it with us and we get to help one another get through it. Our means are different. We can't just go sit for coffee like we used to, but we can call one another, some of us are comfortable with ZOOM or FaceTime and can call and connect that way. And we need to do those things, both with people we love and know well, and reaching out to someone in the directory or in our neighborhood that we don't know--checking in and seeing if we can be a listening ear or help with something practical.

We don't cease to be the church just because we don't sit together in our building. We are the church because we follow Jesus and choose to care for others.

If you haven't seen it otherwise, we are offering virtual worship on Sundays at 10:30 am through Facebook. The service is live and takes about 30 minutes. It is also recorded and can be found during the week. I also will be doing a live stream prayer time at 9 am on Thursdays, also on Facebook. (I'm sorry to those who aren't on Facebook, for now, it's our easiest platform. We are working on ways we can make it accessible to others). If you would like to send a prayer request for us to include in the pastoral prayer on Sunday, please just send me a note.

Please let me know how we can be of service to you this week. If you need someone to go to the store for you, please let me know. If you need a meal, please let me know. If you want to connect by phone or FaceTime or Zoom, please let me know. (there is also a group called "Palouse mutual aid" that is helping connect people with what they need. They are trusted and working with the Moscow Interfaith Association to help our community. They have a request form you can find here.

In the meantime, I encourage you to listen to some of the links above, or search for your own favorites and share in the wealth of faith shared through music.


In Christ,
Pastor Debbie


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