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Pastor Debbie's E-Devotion - June 18, 2020


In seminary, after a powerful and charismatic trip to Cuba, a few friends and I formed a prayer group. We would meet weekly, share any specific requests we had, and then pray and sing as the Spirit-led. Those friendships were primary for me then and have sustained me in the 14 years since.

We regularly engaged in prayer with and for one another. One friend in particular would text, "please pray. EGR." EGR stood for extra grace required. It was code for "dealing with a hard person" (or situation).

These weeks feel like we all need to be praying and acknowledging "EGR". I first thought about writing about Extra Grace Required as Idaho began re-opening. Navigating the waters of what was normal or acceptable for each person or household is tricky. Many times it seemed we didn't know what we weren't ok with until it was staring us in the face and we had this sense of "oh, we're doing that again already?!?" Extra grace required. We're not all in the same place in terms of what should and should not be happening with the reopening. We need compassion, patience, and kindness for one another in this process. We need that which we haven't earned and don't deserve. We need grace.

And then came the reports about Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Tayler, and George Floyd, followed by the protests and a resurgence of voice for the Black Lives Matter movement. Our understandings of racism and sensitivities around the protests are different. Extra Grace Required.

These are not easy and clear cut topics and conversations. Again we need that which we haven't earned and don't deserve: more grace. We need grace so we can slow down and listen so that we might truly hear the perspective of the other. We need grace to find the words to articulate or own views and questions. We need grace for all the ways we fail to understand, and grace for the ways we fail to live faithfully as disciples of Jesus.

God's agape love is at the heart of the Gospel. Helping others live in the fullness of health, justice, and community that God desires is core to who we are as Christians. And doing those things can take many forms, both in the midst of a pandemic and in confronting racism. We won't all necessarily be on the same page of how we live our calling, but I hope and pray we are all aiming in the same direction--God's kingdom here on earth.

Getting there is likely going to be a little rocky, so please pray, for me and one another, for there's extra grace required.

In Christ,
Pastor Debbie



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