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Pastor Debbie's E-Spire - October 23, 2019

I’m a runner. That might sound obvious, or maybe braggadocios, but for me, it’s a new thing. If you had asked me 6 months ago, I probably wouldn’t have said that. You see, growing up I wasn’t very athletic. I could play most games. I knew the rules and could play well enough, but I wasn’t really an athlete. I wasn’t as strong or as fast as others, so I sort of fell to the bottom of the heap, and most folks didn’t bother to invest much to help me be a better competitor.


Then in 2013, I baptized a friend’s kids and her sister was at the baptism in the morning, then the ER for the afternoon, and eventually at the house for the dinner party and celebration. When I talked to her about it, it was cellulitis related to Leukemia. She is likely to have her form of cancer for life, but her odds of survival were greatly improved because of the research over the 10 years prior. She inspired me and I decided I would sign up with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) to train for a half marathon and raise money for more research. I started with a “couch to 5k” and then worked with LLS, training with them each weekend--working my way from 3 miles to 4 on up until we did 12 (13.1 was saved for race day). About halfway through the training I claimed “I’m a runner.” I stopped hating most of it and actually looked forward to running. It was awesome. And, after race day, I stopped running. Literally. I had reached the goal and I pretty much walked away from the sport. I didn’t even pretend to get back at it. Though I could claim I was a runner because I did that half marathon that one time.


When I got to Moscow I started running again. It was a little here and there, but I got up and moving. Then winter hit and I quit. Over the last year and a half, I’ve tried to work on being healthier all around and walk, run, do weights, and HIIT classes regularly. But it wasn’t until this summer that I shifted from running once a week (or two) to running most every day. There wasn’t a big goal this time, but simply the slow formation of a habit. And now, I’m a runner. (Hopefully I won’t quit cold turkey again).


Like a lot of things in life, I found a parallel in our faith lives. Often in faith we pick up a spiritual discipline (prayer, meditation, fasting, daily devotionals, Bible study, etc) and we pick it up for a time (maybe as a new year’s resolution or for Lent) but when we reach the goal, we stop. We might consider ourself a “pray-er” for that time we prayed daily for awhile, but if we’re honest, we aren’t really anymore. Until we start doing the discipline again, regularly, until, finally, one day it clicks.


My hope for us is that we can look at the spiritual disciplines and give one a try. We can start at a comfortable “pace”, so to speak and then keep with it, forming a regular habit of it until it becomes part of us. What spiritual habit is appealing to you? Which one would be a stretch but you’re curious about trying? If you want more information about spiritual disciplines or recommendations for how to get started, please let me know.

May God bless you,
Pastor Debbie


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