Pastor Debbie E-Spire- - February 10, 2021

In Sunday's service, I talked about the call of the disciples and hope that you (like I) found some more humanity in their relationship...Jesus building rapport and getting to know the fishermen before inviting them to follow him. At the end of the sermon, I share some questions for reflection. I offer them here in case you need to see them, or a little nudge to pray about them. As I said on Sunday, if you are willing to share where you are in your journey, I'd love to hear from you.

If you have a prayer journal—even if you don’t, I hope that you’ll write these down—ask:
Where am I as a disciple of Jesus?
Am I a disciple? Am I a follower?
Or am I still waiting for this guy to mean something?
When you think about Jesus, does it feel like he’s some random dude asking weird questions?
Or is he someone who’s curious and listening to you, starting to know you?
Or does it feel like he’s someone who’s inviting you to live differently?
Or does it feel like those things have already happened and you’re in it…following him and watching him and learning from him as part of a deep friendship?


Peace and health,
Pastor Debbie



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