Pastor Debbie's E-Spire - February 26, 2020

Our first year here the winter was particularly snowy. It started snowing before Thanksgiving and snowed regularly and often. We set record snowfall in December. And it just kept snowing. We had a sheet of ice on our cul de sac and piles of snow everywhere. At one point we had close to 3’ of standing snow in the back yard. And I distinctly remember being “in the snow” until mid-May. We expected a cold and snowy winter and since we hadn’t experienced any Idaho winter otherwise, it was all normal as far as we were concerned.


I went out regularly for work and other things and wasn’t afraid of driving in the snow (we grew up near snow), but I also wasn’t quite ready (or prepared) to embrace being out in it on a regular basis. Which is to say, I was inside a good bit.


Then I remember sometime in the Spring (though I couldn’t tell you exactly which month) I was out for a walk and there was a blue sky! I was elated because it felt like forever since I had seen a blue sky. I’ve mentioned it a few times recently…how much I appreciate the blue skies this year. I don’t honestly know if there are more blue skies this year, or if I simply am outside more to see and appreciate them. Either way, each time I see blue sky, I pay attention and appreciate it’s beauty amid the winter weather.


In many ways, I think meditation has helped me become more aware of God’s presence and actions. I sometimes wonder, “Was God always this active, or am I just more observant?!” I don’t know the answer to that either (though I have my guess that God has been equally active and attentive in my life and I’m just growing in receptivity, but I couldn’t guarantee it). =)


If you’re willing to try the discipline of meditation, I imagine you might gain receptivity and awareness of your own. You might hear or see God more regularly, or more clearly and might even ask, “Has it always been this way or was I just not noticing?”




Pastor Debbie

Ash Wednesday 20


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